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Originally Posted by harryz View Post
Having recently polarized my MG mid, I may never go back to a frame that is less than 12.6 oz with a 360g swingweight. The stability, plow through, control and weight of shot make tennis much more enjoyable for me, and after a few hours my body feels just fine with the adjustment. So much so that I've leaded up an LMP mid to try out today.


1. HarryZ: Head MGPM 93 sq in (89.5) stock 12.2oz, SW 328, polarized, >365g
Same experience here...

I'm using Head Radical Twin Tube 95 Zebra. I just CAPped it with Head Microgel Prestige grommets. I don't recall the weight before it was fully CAPped (may be 12.2oz 7 pts head light) but now it weight 12.9 oz and 4-5 points head light. Yes it is heftier to swing but it improves everything about my game. I'm in!!!
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