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Originally Posted by tennisguy49 View Post
that black tennis player you know got nothing to do with me. why you telling me about some guy like that. i AM black, just my mom is white. i live in d.c. i dont have many people to hit with. that is why i play against the wall. i hit sometimes with my hommies, but they bballin and all that, so they dont know how to hit. i need some better guys do hit with. i'm so good. i know i am. my parents care jack and i use racquet i bought with my own cash from target. i gotta play with balls chewed up by my dog so it aint easy but i wanna how far tennis will take me.
You're a mix, not Black. Your mother is white, so you're a halfie, as they say down here. Blake is one as well. No big deal. Don't play with a frame you bought at Target. Save some damn money, and buy a frame at a local pro shop. Watch the pros. Do what they do. Go to as many clinics as you can, and get out of the city and into the suburbs, where tennis is usually popular. If you want somewhere closer to play, use Google and find out where people play. No big deal.
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