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1. HarryZ: Head MGPM 93 sq in (89.5) stock 12.2oz, SW 328, polarized, >365g
2. HydroYang: Yonex RQiS 1 Tour 345g
3. VGP: Wilson PS85 Taiwan - 13.5 oz, 8pts headlight, Wilson PS85 China - 13.1 oz, 6pts headlight, Dunlop HM200g - 13.7 oz, 10pts headlight, Dunlop McEnroe Master II - 13.9 oz, 10pts headlight
4. Tofi: Wilson K90, 12.5oz, 354g, SW 336 (Add some lead!)
5. Thepowerofchoice: Head Radical Twin Tube 12.9oz 4-5 points HL
6. RestockingTues: Wilson Javelin Mid (95) 13.7 oz
7. Markwillplay: Dunlop 400i 12.8oz 6-8 pts HL
8. Mick: Kneissl white star big 14.4oz stock, strung !!!

Orangettecoleman (great name!), Goosala and others-- 12oz is not HEAVY. Unstrung that is about 336g or so, maybe a bit more. If we keep changing the definition, soon it will be the "medium mass player's club"... So get busy with some lead tape, boys. Once you adjust, you'll be glad ya' did.

PS I have a friend who is a Sports Trainer who used to work on Tennis Players down in LA in the late 80s and practiced with a few pros as well, including Jim Pugh, Pam Teegarden and Brian Teacher (who won the Australian Open in 1980). Teacher's Kennex Black Ace weighed 19.5oz. That's right--- 19.5. AND he played serve and volley tennis with it. Now THAT is HEAVY.
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