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Hope that you're all enjoying this and maybe learning from each other. A few notes: 1) I'm only entering names from here on out. No time for details and I figure that we can read the thread for frame info.; 2) Unless or until folks chime in with good reasons for changing the requirements, 355g is the threshold for a heavy racquet. This is based upon what many pros use, from lists provided on this forum, and 3) Spot # 69 is reserved for Drakulie.

1. HarryZ
2. HydroYang PROVISIONAL pending use of LEAD TAPE
3. VGP
4. Tofi
5. Thepowerofchoice
6. RestockingTues
7. Markwillplay
8. Mick
9. Goosala
10. fuzz nation
11. ag200boy
12. T1000
13. In D Zone
14. JackKYKung
15. vndesu
16. mcLovin
17. madmanfool
18. lilxjohnyy
19. Run
20. Drakulie (until #69 is available)
21. mdqm
22. a-naik.1

Tell your friends. They may never go back to stock frames! Or better yet, don't tell them and keep on spanking them on the court.
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