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Default Do you see them now?

As I posted previously the question as to whether Monfils was using a Prince with Speedports was resolved weeks ago. If the below picture is not evidence enough, I don't know what will be short of someone snatchin monfils actual racket.

Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
Is there a better picture, cause I don't see light through the holes. Especially the second picture where you would think the holes would be transparent (showing the crowd behind him). I dont see it. In fact It looks like he added hi signature lead (Over holes?).

Still think its a PJ. A good one, but a paintjob nonetheless. Nothing surprising.
Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
^^^I don't see them either.

In regards to the "painted hole theroy", NBMJ is a very strong advocate on the boards regarding racquet companies "painting holes" in frames. Perhaps he will chime in.
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