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Stumbles blindly into Bistro and calls out to Bette, to Topaz, to Fee. I need help getting my jacket off guys...I think it's actually frozen to my body. *knocks icicles off nose* Sorry to hear about the car. I am almost out of Diet Coke but there is no way I'm venturing out in the cold to get some. I wonder if any of my neighbors have an extra bottle? *ponders dilemma*

"The sun brought a little warmth to Winnipeg, making it feel like –40 C with the wind chill by mid-afternoon, an improvement on the –50 C the wind chill made it feel like when residents woke up. Regina warmed only a few degrees above the –45 C it felt like with the wind chill at the start of the day."

Skin froze today in under five minutes of exposure and the radio announced we were the coldest area (Manitoba / Saskatchewan) of the world for a few hours this morning. It is supposed to be even colder tomorrow with the wind chill hitting -52 degrees. Needless to say, I took the morning off tomorrow and will be heading to my warm bed soon with a cup of hot chocolate. I am soooo thrilled that my landlords replaced the windows this year as they promised (not) to eliminate the gale force draft I have coming through. I smell biscuits?
Where have all the posters gone?

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