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Originally Posted by netman View Post
You need the receipt and the warranty card. You can download a copy of the warranty card off the Adidas web site. Most retailers can print you a duplicate receipt if you lost the original, just ask. You also have to include a check for approx. $8 to cover return shipping and handling.

I always take my receipt, staple it to the warranty card, put them in the box and store the box. That way its easy to return a pair. Have returned Nikes, Filas and Adidas products with no problems.

I just sent in a pair of Barricade Vs the first week of December and got back a new pair in 2 weeks. Mine were the all black with lime green highlights. I included a note saying I would take another all black pair or ones with white and black, whichever they had in stock. They sent me the white/black and red ones.

I am wondering if you buy them off the Auction Site (e Bay) -- and print the winning receipt, would that work? Or does it have to be a dealer or retail store?
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