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Default Re: Playing better in practice than the match

Originally Posted by KingBugsy
Any advice on how to carry over the strokes one hits in practice (or when just hitting) to the match? I seem to hit out more, and am more consistent with better pace in practice. I feel like I really swing through the ball more so than when I am actually in a match. Any advice on how to make the transition from practice to match play?
This is more common than you'd think.

When you practice, your practice partner does not attack as much, so you do not have to run as much, you have more time, just stand there and swing at the ball.

Some people try to play it safer, some got scared.

The only way is to play a lot of matches.
You need to practice, but match play is what builds your confidence.

And also when you are playing matches you need to make yourself to swing out at the ball.
Just go out and have fun

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