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Lightbulb Head Graphite Tour 600 or Head Tour 600

Originally Posted by plasma View Post
sadly, the silver graphite tour (81 sq.) is the only head i currently have in this mold. Head edge was at least as good as 200g, ps 85, r22, f200, etc. apparently there was even a version with the us flag...doubt anyone can name another stick that felt so right!!!! guess their old stencils were more badass afterall....
as far as percentages....Jorel (coolest name ever btw), they are useless, even if you found the exact molds and process; the type of graphite and fiberglass they used is no longer around, the graphite used back then was like thick coarse strands of horse-tail hair. That's why old school racquets have a feel and dwell time that cannot be duped, that's why new school 200$ racquets feel like petrified dog *****, and obscure "worthless" racquets are invaluable and priceless:
Plasma... I noticed a particular racquet hanging on your wall... the Head Graphite Tour 600

I don't know much about this particular frame, but somehow ended up with 2 frames very similar. Mine are called Head Tour 600 (not Graphite Tour 600)

What is the history and why is it so special it made your 'wall of fame'? I notice on mine the Star Trek font and the graphics are similar to other racquets from the early 90's like the 2nd generation Head Graphite Pro. The graphics on yours are more similar to the Tour XL, Trisys 270, PT 280/630, etc. Also, yours has that funky set of "snakeskin" grommets at the throat that my Trisys 270 had.

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I just weighed and balanced mine:

Head Tour 600
12.3 oz.
9pts. HL
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