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Originally Posted by futuratennis View Post
if you are truly playing like nadal, your wrist will be stuffed soon, i wont be suprised if nadal gets a wrist injury and has to take a year off, putting alot of topspin on every ball isnt good, its very "wristy" and can cause injury, its better to have a variety and hit top spin shots sometimes, but not always
I have a mild western forehand grip and I exaggerate the wind shield wiper motion. I try to not wrist my shots as much as possible, but I have to sometimes to flick it over the net. I didn't know this could cause wrist injuries though. My wrist does often hurt at the end of a match but it goes away by the next morning.

Originally Posted by Mansewerz View Post
Holy crap, what's the temperature like in Colorado? You're wearing shorts in frickin January!
Temp was in the 60s all this week, but its snowing today. Was an unusual week, its not this warm ever at this time of year. Im not complaining though lol

Originally Posted by mikeler View Post

Glad you are going to be able to take some lessons. My parents were able to afford 1 private lesson a week for 4 years when I was in high school so I am very lucky that my technique is sound. I still did not think your take back was low enough in your new video, but your coach will get all that straightened out for you. Enjoy those hour lessons, the time really flies.
Yeah I know. It took alot of arguing on my part but it all payed off in the end. We plan on getting a lesson every 2-3 weeks or so, that was the best I could get. It's better than nothing though. I'm going with the same pro as last time, I really liked him.

Plus I got you guys you know, you all have helped alot. I'll keep posting vids here for advice, and hopefully with lessons+your guys' help I'll become a much better player.

Originally Posted by Ambivalent View Post
You shouldnt put balls so close to you at the baseline. That's dangerous.
What can I say, I live a high risk life
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