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Originally Posted by The_Steak View Post
Bob, Do not flick your wrist when you hit!!!!! No, I am not worried about injury. When you use your wrist, it creates unnecessary spin. Trust me, I use a full western. Keep your stroke long and fluid, never ever wrist a shot. When you keep the stroke long with no wrist flick, the ball stays down and you can hit the ball incredibly hard.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I always thought that using the wrist for added spin was good, but you cannot produce an aggressive shot. The ball spins a ton and will land in the service box, so your opponent can easily kill it for a winner.

I don't give a damn about injury, but do not use the wrist whatever you do.

Note* I am talking about when it is forced, not when there is a natural is the natural wrist snap when you hit hard.
I actually see wristy shots all the time, especially with a full western.
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