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Thumbs up Head Tour 600

Originally Posted by MichaelChang View Post
The Graphite Tour 600 is the same as the Trisys 270 Mid. The one sold in US is called Trisys 270, the one sold in Europe/Asia is called Graphite Tour 600. When it was released(in mid/late 90s) I was in China, and I bought one Graphite Tour 660 (the midplus version). Then later when I was in US, I bought a Trisys 270 Mid. The 270 Mid has a thicker beam than Prestige 600. And the 270 Mid does not fit the Prestige mid Cap grommets, yes they do not fit. The drilling pattern is slightly different around 4 o'clock.
How about the regular Tour 600? It's a wide beam with the Star Trek font. I'll post some pics here, shortly.
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