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Hey guys

I had a 1.5 hour lesson today at the price of one today from the pro who gave me one last time. We worked on my backhand the WHOLE time too. He saw I was really trying to learn it so he gave me an extra half hour.

He pretty much told me the exact same thing that was in the sticky, except he said I could have as big a takeback I wanted as long as I was hitting the ball correctly.

He told me:
-Stay low and keep the whole racket under the ball (he kept repeating this the whole lesson, apparently this was my biggest problem)
-He suggested to open my stance a little bit b/c I had too closed of a stance
-Keep my left foot down at all times
-Keep my left shoulder down and let my right shoulder do all the work

Mainly it was staying low that he emphasized. I don't know why I was having so much trouble with it. Every single ball I hit he said "stay low" so it got stuck in my head. It worked though. He was patient with me and after the lesson I got it. He also smoothed out my stroke so it doesn't look so forced anymore.

I played my pusher friend after and I used my topspin backhand and I was hitting it well when I set up for it. I still am having timing problems and footwork problems. I also tend to hit it incorrectly when I'm under pressure.However, when I have time to think about what I'm doing, I hit the ball correctly.

That's pretty much what I noticed. At the end of the lesson when he was feeding me easy balls, I was hitting every one correctly and he told me I was good to go. Under pressure though I revert to my old ways. My backhand is a great shot now when I have time to set it up. I got lucky today and hit a couple flat backhands that went in for winners too lol. I know the correct technique now and just need to work on be able to hit the ball correctly under pressure/match circumstance.

Anyway, thanks Behappy and others for your advice. My coach told me exactly what you were telling me, its just that I needed the 1on1 help.Karl, if you want to delete this thread go ahead, I got what I wanted out of it

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