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I did 6 days at Bollettieri but not the Pro-Max. It was great. Very hardcore - most everyone there was motivated to work hard and improve. The instructors actually watch closely to get to know your game, strengths, and weaknesses. I have been other places where, after an hour or so of drills with 6 or more people on the court, we would all get split up to spend the day just playing doubles on our own. Bollettieri's seems to actively avoid this sort of thing. It was a great place to go and just hit intensively for 5 and 1/2 hours a day in a very energizing environment. If I go back, that's what I'd go for. For me working regularly with a Pro is really much better for long-term improvement. I think the Pro-Max option might give you more individual attention while you're there. Sorry, this is not a great answer - just my impression from being there.
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