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Originally Posted by kimbahpnam View Post
I don't know if there's enough room on the court to get to the same speed as a full sprint on a 100M dash, but the first step is a pretty explosive step kinda like out of the starting block
I agree with this. It takes some time to actually reach max speed; truly sprinting for a drop shot would send you right into the net. Seems difficult to sprint at a shot that's maybe 2-4 feet from the net and actually decelerate that distance as soon as you manage to retrieve the shot. The court doesn't seem big enough to actually be able to sprint at all. I can visualize sprinting side-to-side though, but I don't think you can actually sprint and maintain your balance and control to retrieve the ball at max speed.

I would say that you can sprint on the court, but you won't hit the ball at max speed; usually you slow down a few steps before hitting it.
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