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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
I've just done a quick comparison between cost of US and Euro sites.

If I buy 3 sets of Timo from the US and get it sent to UK it will cost less then if I get it from the Euro site. Some 15 cheaper. I know that there'll be no further taxes to pay ordering from the Euro site, but as it'll be a small package from the US its unlikely to get caught by customs.

This situation is down to the bad pound to euro exchange rate at the moment. here in the Uk I don't think we'll really benefit from TW coming to Europe, but it maybe be beneficial for people from mainland Europe.
mainland? hardly... unless you get free shipping wich is like always to the central countries leaving the periferal one aside. besides, i stated already i had high hopes. but the way it looks...

but what ****es me the most is i find that hardly Finland is farther from TW headquarters in germany than it is form POrtugal... they get 10 $ shipping and we get 15$ for over 75$ purchase. as a customer with a order in transit and another waiting for suplies i feel like having a rant at tw customer support...

major major disapointment...
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