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gymrat76 - sorry, missed your post on the lead tape setups....

For some reason, I gravitated to different setups for the different PS85s. The upper hoop feels better on the Taiwanese because those frames feel denser than the Chinese ones. As they are, they're about 13.7 ounces, 8 points headlight. Since they're heavier at the stock weight, the twistweight feels like it would get sluggish at 3 and 9.

For the Chinese, they definitely feel less dense. "Hollow" is how some people like to call it, in comparison to Chicago/SV/Taiwanese. These frames need the added stability at 3 and 9. Those frames are 13.1 ounces, 6 points headlight. I'm not super fond of these frames and haven't taken the time to tweak them further. I may try adding weight at the handle.....

As for strings, I like solid-core single wrap synthetics like PSGO 16. I just like the firm feel of the stringbed. I feel like they flatten the ball real good. Right now, the Taiwanese frames are strung with a similar string, Alpha MXT Synthetic Gut 16. at 65 pounds reference tension.

The Chinese frames are setup with Gamma Natural Gut 16 main, PSGO 16 crosses at 65 pounds reference tension.

I know what you mean about stringing at 65 pounds or more......that's just where I've ended up over the years. Good for spin, decent pop with control for serves, great control for volleys.
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