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Without any intention to defend T-W it would be impossible the European site to have the same prices as the US because simply US prices are lower than European's in most of things (electronic market and sporting goods).
What tennis-warehouse could do though is to have competitive prices. Prices should be in the middle of US tennis-warehouse and a usual European store and also provide clever features such as demos etc.

LEt me give you an example. I buy from 5 stores, 3 in the UK and 2 in Germany.
And I am curious to make a comparison of prices on rackets I am interested in buying.

Wilson KBlade Tour
UK1 144.7 + 25 for shipping to my country -> 170
UK2 154 + 30 shipping -> 184
UK3 148 + 11 shipping-> 169
GER1 190+ 10-> 200
GER2 191+22-> 213
T-W Europe 194+15-> 209

Head Prestige MP
UK1 140+ 25 -> 165
UK2 146+ 30 -> 176
UK3 150+ 11 -> 161
GER1 190 + 10->200
GER2 190 + 22-> 212
T-W europe 199 + 15-> 214

In any case I would not characterize T-W europe prices as competitive. It does not look good and the following chart is a bit ridiculous...
Free shipping to the following countries on orders over 75 Euros:
* Austria
* Germany
* France
* Belgium
* Luxembourg
* Monaco
* Netherlands
All these countries have the best wages/salaries in Europe, maybe Denmark and Sweden are in the same category. What's the point offering the most rich people in Europe free shipping? They are going to buy anyway...

I know that the Tennis WArehouse location in Europe is in Germany, so the countries around Germany can get free shipping but Tennis-Warehouse Europe should give free shipping to the rest of European destinations for orders over 150 euros...
I am sorry but with prices like that, future does not look so promising.
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