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Default New Eagnas Flash 930 and new Eagnas Sensor style clamps?

Hi, I've read here in the past that the higher end Eagnas machines are actually of comparable quality to Alpha and Gamma only cheaper.

Does anyone know anything about their new Flash 930 then? It looks like a clone of the MUCH more expensive Gamma 6004, with the single-knob, suspension mounting.

Anyone try this new machine? It seems like a great value.

Also, has anyone any experience with the new Eagnas PN-1012 clamps which are the three teeth, Sensor style? I know the PN-1003 are supposed to be very good at holding the strings, with the only drawback being that there's no finger-tip adjustment...still have to use the ol' hex key.

I'm concerned that while the new PN-1012s might appear a little more convenient...smaller, thinner, lighter, less bulky, can clamp closer to the frame, etc....that they won't hold as well as the heavier-duty 1003s.

Obviously, a clamps that's gentler on the string is more important than a little extra convenience anyday.

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