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Default 1.5 backhander and Hawaii's jumping one hand backhand

Not too long ago Hawaii posted "Flashy shots - jumping one hand backhand" on old message board. It sounds very interesting to me. I have a kinda weird backhand for a long time. I have never seen any player hit backhand like me until I read Hawaii's post. I am one hand backhander but I hit exactly the same way as two hand backhander -- my non-hitting hand follows through with hitting hand (looks like hand cuff with hitting hand but does not hold the racket). I hit open stand with right foot lift-off and close stand with back leg(left) kick-off. I am right handed. and some time I hit "jumping one hand backhand". every thing looks like two hand backhand but with one hand eastern backhand grip(1.5 backhander ). I don't see onehand backhander have as much shoulders turn as twohand backhander especially for down the line. for onehander non-hitting hand goes to opposite direction (for balance ?). onehander opens shoulders but with less trunk turn, which means less power. I am not sure if I am doing right. it works for me so I keep it. I appreciate your comments. Thanks.
Hawaii: try it and hope it works for you too.
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