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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Use the following url to get a sneak peek at Tennis Warehouse Europe:

Look and feel:
What do you think about the look and feel of the website? Please give us your overall opinion on what we have so far.

TW Staff.
Hi guys. Nice things have been said, and questions about products are been posted, but as someone in the EU who would actually buy stuff from the new site, I do have a criticism.

Navigation is more difficult than the current US site.

For instance, say I'd like to look at strings. I click on the strings link and have a set of brand icons to choose from, fine. I click on TF strings. I get a page of TF strings, fine. However, on the list at the left, there are still links to racquets, clothes, shoes, etc. -- instead of links to all string brands for me to navigate through.

I'd have to hit the back button to navigate back to the page of string brands, or scroll down to the bottom of the list and hit strings and navigate from the start.

This is not how the US TW pages navigate, and as someone who is in the EU, the sweuro pages are a step backward IMO and pretty clunky for actual shopping.

Here's the current US TW version :

and the sweuro version :

Hope you guys can fix this asap, I can tell you your EU online competitors have this figured out. Good luck!

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