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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
Here we can discuss WTA players that for whatever reason just can't seem to get it together. This could be due to a minor or major slump, inconsistent results, mental fragility, not living up to the hype, a combination of things, etc.

Feel free to agree/disagree as well as suggest others to be included

Safina (just doesn't win on the big stage....Olympic/FO/AO finals)
Kuznetsova (can't win ANY finals even with Henin gone)
Ivanovic (FO '08 looking like a fluke win)
Chakvetadze (has an real excuse for 2008, but not getting it together)
Hantuchova (an under-achieving enigma)
Kirilenko (wins and loses when she's expected to)
Vaidisova (falling apart at 19 and not really giving a care)
Safarova (haven't seen much of her... maybe that's the problem)
Mirza (just use an extreme semi-western forehand then....acts like a diva without the wins to back it up)
Safina just needs experience. She's getting there.

Kuzzy-Never seems to have a game plan. She seems to think she can outhit and retrieve most balls, but sometimes you have to play to players weaknesses. She doesn't do that.

Ivanovic-I thought was overhyped from the start. Never did see what they saw in her.

Chakvetadze-I don't know what's wrong with her. Maybe the expectations are too much for her.

Hantuchova-struggles with nerves too much. May need to see a sports psychologist.

Kirilenko-maybe she doesn't have enough power. Don't get to see her much since she goes out so early.

Vaidisova-a dang shame.

Safarova-totally disappointed in her. Maybe Berdychitis is rubbing off on her. Afraid of one's own potential.

Mirza-haven't seen her since I saw her live.
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