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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
Here we can discuss WTA players that for whatever reason just can't seem to get it together. This could be due to a minor or major slump, inconsistent results, mental fragility, not living up to the hype, a combination of things, etc.

Feel free to agree/disagree as well as suggest others to be included

Safina (just doesn't win on the big stage....Olympic/FO/AO finals)
Kuznetsova (can't win ANY finals even with Henin gone)
Ivanovic (FO '08 looking like a fluke win)
Chakvetadze (has an real excuse for 2008, but not getting it together)
Hantuchova (an under-achieving enigma)
Kirilenko (wins and loses when she's expected to)
Vaidisova (falling apart at 19 and not really giving a care)
Safarova (haven't seen much of her... maybe that's the problem)
Mirza (just use an extreme semi-western forehand then....acts like a diva without the wins to back it up)
Safina needs to develop the winners Mentality.
Kuznetsova is a headcase, plain and simple, her one slam was a giant fluke and whenever she is in a final 90% of the time her game goes south for the winter.
Ivanovic hasn't been able to recover from whatever happened to her thumb. Chakvetadze and Hantuchova are seemingly scared of the top, the play well until they get to the top ten then fold horribly.
Kirilenko doesn't really have anything special about her game.
Vaidisova has her mind on radek or something.
Safarova and clue at all.
Dementieva needs a complete overhaul of her serve.
Petrova needs to do something to, she hasn't ever been a complete package, she needs to learn to manage her emotions on court because once she gets angry its over.
Szavay seems to be spiraling to...don't know why though
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