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Kuznetsova- why are you such a headcase. So much talent, such a waste.

Sharapova- why dont you get some proper trainers and doctors who can help keep your shoulder and body together. I dont even like you but the WTA needs you desperately right now. While you are too injured competitively though work on your volleys and net game feverishly since if you run into the Williams on a hot day you will need something new from the last times you played them like that. Also work on some slices, topspins, other options, so those few days your main game style isnt going to win for you that day you dont look as clueless as a blond bimbo standing out wondering what to do next.

Serena- I would tell you to get in better shape but given what is around you now why bother, atleast not until someone or preferably more than one actually steps up. Anyway scary to think what you would do to the mess of a WTA if you really did get in top shape, so come to think of it forget my suggestion for the time being.

Venus- stand up to your sister like a women and champion the way you do to everyone else, like you did at Wimbledon, and like you did not do at the U.S Open. Actually play serious tennis at more than 4 tournaments a year. Your legacy will depend seriously at both, otherwise you will go down as mostly a one tournament (Wimbledon) wonder with only a few odd highlights sprinkled in everywhere else.

Safina- like Kuznetsova you seriously need a sports pyschologist. Stay as far away from your brother as possible, while you are very talented, unlike him you are not so insanely talented to win majors if you keep mimicking the headcase he is. The one thing you should hang around your brother for is to get him to teach you how to serve properly.

Dementieva- revive a friendship with Safina so she will let you get some serving tips from her big brother as well. Hire a hypnotist to make you really believe the semis or finals of a slam when you get there is not that but the final of some smaller WTA touranment and you will be fine. You should also join Maria and work on your volleys, slices and variation shots together.

Ivanovic- like Maria you need to learn what a 2nd and 3rd game plan is. Learn to volley, learn some finesse shots, learn some different spins, learn to construct point. Also remember alot of the attention for glamor you get now will go away if your tennis success does. The off court stuff is nice but keep your priorities straight.

Jankovic- you could tag along with both Dinara and Elena and get some serving lessons. Maybe hire Steffi Graf for some forehand lessons. Ask Navratilova for some volleying tips if you see her sometime. Work hard on improving your game right now as you are about to turn 24 and you are still slamless. Unless some upgrades in your weaponary are made your window isnt going to stay open much longer, even in the current weak womens field.

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