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^^^Kuzzy frustrates me the most. Out of all the Russians, I consider her the most talented of them all.

Effective first and second serves, punishing forehand, solid backhand, fearless (except in finals), efficient at the net, agile and covers the court very well. The biggest weakness in her game is that she is too content to outhit her opponent from the baseline. That and she hits too hard when she gets tense. She hits a lot of spin, but she goes for too much spin and too much power at the same time. Needlessly gives away points with unforced errors.

She's only 23, so she has time to get her brain together. But she is the epitome of a brainless ball basher even though she has the tools to play an all-around game.

As for Venus, she did kick Serena bigtime at the YEC, with a breadstick and bagel to boot. She basically gifted Serena 5 of her slams which is a darn shame as Venus could very well be a 12x slam champ now. I'm no fan of the Williams', but I'd prefer Venus over Serena 9/10 times.
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