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Originally Posted by eeytennis View Post
Yes, she won two Grand Slams and just totally fell off the map...she was more accomplished than any of these girls however so maybe we can attribute her fall to just not being able to keep up with the hard hitters?

All of the other girls that you listed have mental issues. They ALL lack in the confidence to be able to consistently produce good results. People knock Serena so much for her "arrogance" but hey she has confidence which is why she stands far above these other women
Mauresmo has always been a bit of a headcase, though not to the degree of Kuznetsova by any means. She has always struggled to perform a bit under pressure an example of which is the fact that at the french open she always seems to exit early against players she should have no problem beating on a given day, the pressure to perform on her home field always has gotten to her.

Mauresmo also has had a tendency towards complacency in a match. She will play lights out tennis for a set and then can go off into some kind of alternate universe and not get back and get pummeled. Or she will start off bad, play a good set then get worse. Now like I said, its not as noticeable when you have a player like Kuznetsova who really melts down under pressure and even more so on the biggest stages.

To me, Mauresmo's slams don't act as much of a defense, since the Australian was sort of handed to her as Clijsters and Henin retired in the Semi's Finals and Finals Respectively...I mean if Schnyder had beaten Mauresmo and hung with Clijsters...she would have "won" the Australian Open. Mauresmo did outright outplay Henin at Wimbledon, but in both of her slam title defenses the pressure of being defending champ seemed to get to her as she folded in both to players she really had no business losing to (Safarova at the Aussie and Vaidisova at Wimbledon).

Mauresmo is a player who I really thought could take the tour by storm when she broke through in 99 to make the Australian open final, only to crack because of some stupid comments Hingis made about her before the match. But she has always been mentally shaky and inconsistant and that has really held her back, I mean she should have won at least 1 slam in 2004. Now since her appendectomy she has gotten even more inconsistant. Which can attributed to the surgury and not being able to get her groove back. But overall yeah she has been a bit of a headcase.

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