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Originally Posted by Carlo Giovanni Colussi View Post
Hello SgtJohn,
In a very quick glance I've seen "1953 0.75 Australian Tour Gonzales". I'm not sure at all there was an Australian tour at the end of 1953. In McCauley's book there is one but with results quite similar to those of 1954. In Tennis de France in late 1953, Sedgman said that after Geneva and Lyon he would come back to Australia to support the Davis Cup team (Hoad and Rosewall) but he didn't make any reference to pro matches Down Under against Gonzales or Segura.
Could you give some precisions ? AndrewTas has perhaps an answer. Thank you.
Thank you for this information. I considered this might have been the first part of the 1954 tour, and then that I could maybe attach it to the year 1953, considering that 1954 already had a big tour in the US with the same players.

Quite honestly, this year is awfully hard to rank because Kramer and Gonzales never played in the same event, so having as much of a balance as possible between the events that these 2 participated in seemed quite fair and might have influenced my choice.

Of course if the tour did not take place in 1953 at all this is not legitimate, and I'll remove this from the list. i'll try to do some research on this, if at all possible...

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