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Default Trucker Hats: Jumped the Shark?

Some might say that the fact that Reebok is deliberately making a trucker hat for tennis necessarily means that trucker hats are over. Seems like a good idea with the ventilated back and all, but it just looks like somebody's trying soooo hard to be hip. Maybe Wilson or some other desperate company will one-up Reebok and actually make the front piece from foam, to really drill that last nail in the coffin. What do tennis ballers have to do with truck hats?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is generally credited as ground zero for the trucker hat phenomenon, but that started around the end of the last decade, for pete's sake. Now, true urban hipsters have even blown past the classic "double-irony" phase of the trend: wearing the trucker hat, which all started as an ironic gesture, while knowing that trucker hats have now become hopelessly desperate and lame (that's the second layer of irony - wearing it while knowing it's out!). The trend seems totally dead, except to Ashton and Andy, and any of their suppliants.

I think the next tennis headgear trend is the fitted skullcap, Dri-Fit of course. I'm serious about that!
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