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Originally Posted by NamRanger View Post
He didn't spin anything. You said when Nadal hits a standard forehand, he follows through across his body and underneath his shoulder. However; Nadal's "standard" forehand is not that type of forehand. His standard forehand is the reverse forehand, which he roughly hits 70% of the time (about 80% on clay).

Also, you stated with optimal positioning, Nadal hits the "across the body" forehand. However, that's not true. Nadal will usually hit his reverse forehand in that situation, UNLESS he is going for a winner, or going to approach the net.
I respectfully disagree.

Nadal hits a lot of different forehands, and he plays the shot with the higher finish as a more defensive and safer shot, but in my opinion his standard shot goes across his body.

Here he is practicing his forehand. Why would he hit it across the body almost exclusively if this weren't his standard shot? Only at the end when he is pushed a bit out of position does he finish over his head, and it only happens once. Is he just having fun? Messing around?
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