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Originally Posted by proracketeer View Post
Does anyone know WHY Wilson didn't release all those wonderful from Edberg, Graf, Mandlikova, Hlasek, ...???
(At least not in Europe)
In early 90's, the midplus and oversize (95-110sq in.) were the mainstream of the modern rackets' head sizes for the marketing strategy of Wilson. But by that time, most of the top pros grew up with their favorable midsized rackets, such as Chris Evert, Stefan Edberg, Hana Mandlikova, Jakob Hlasek along with those young stars such as Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Richard Krajicek, etc..... Therefore Wilson had produced exclusive midsized models to those top pros for endorsing their larger head frames. It should be very cost inefficient for pleasing the small target group to gain slim profits or even deficiency by marketing midsized rackets what Wilson believed. So, since 1993 they didn't have new midsized models until 2003 when the PS tour 90 was released to the market. I think that the 90 sq in. head sized rackets might be obsolete on the Wilson's racket list when Roger Federer retired.

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