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Originally Posted by ESP#1 View Post
I'm having trouble understanding you, you seem to play well with the TT and the mg prestige, the pt 630 doesnt seem to mesh well with your game, it seems like your making to much of an effort to like this racquet, you seem to not like the balance and you own racquets whos balance favor more your style, my advice to you is to stick with the racquet you feel most comfortable with, or else youre going to be losing a match with the pt630 and start thinking about switching to your favorite racquet in the middle of a set, that type of second guessing will cost you matches,

This racquet is not for everyone, like mentioned earlier some of us grew up with this racquet, I did so to me this is what a tennis racquet feels like, I really dont know any better, the pt is my weapon of choice, I get the impression yours is the TT radical, stick with your instincts my friend
I have since played with a couple more sets and I still don't care for it. I will either hold on to it for collection or sell it. Its a nice feel racquet, but I just can't play it. I tried. I played the TT and MG MP and I just play much better with them. You're right, I tried to like it. Its the 280 by the way.
Yes, TT radical. Its just a better feeling racquet than the 280 and I really think its a better racquet, but that is my opinion/experience. Still, the 280 is better in feel than anything out in the market nowaday

so if anyone is interested drop me a line. I may end up selling it.
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