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Originally Posted by Bretto View Post
Zvonareva - she's either on fire or in tears, no consistency
I'm trying to be an optimist towards her. She really made some major strides recovering from her injury. Besides, who expected her to win a bronze (took Sharapova's Olympic slot due to injury), make the YEC finals (took out Ivanovic, Kuznetsova, JJ, and Dementieva), and AO semi-finals (lost in 1st rd in 2008 )? I want to believe she's more relaxed and composed. She's got the weapons to win a major. Whether she wins one or not remains to be seen. Since she didn't go far at any majors in 2008, she has the potential to gain a ton of points.

I'll add her to the list, per your request. Though I don't necessarily agree she belongs there, not yet.
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