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I've tried a good amount of overgrips. I've tried DuraTac by Prince, DuraTread by Prince, the Wilson Pro, the Wilson H2Overgrip, Wilson Pro Soft (or whatever it's called) Tournagrip Original, some overgrip by Head (it was blue and was really thin and had a strange design on it), the Yonex Supergrap, Babolat VS Original, Tournagrip Hi-Tack (or whatever it was called) and TENDER (a knockoff brand here in Mexico) Pro Overgrip.

Out of all of them, I have to go with the good old Wilson Pro. Nothing beats the feeling of it over a leather grip. I have yet to try Tournagrip II, but I hear it's good. Might have to check it out this summer.

Also, am I the only one whose gets dry skin (like blisters and stuff) from using Tournagrip? It hurts my hands!
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