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I have been told the same thing re Wimbly tickets. I haven't been yet, and I expect to go one day, but the idea of sleeping out in a tent overnight doesn't thrill me.

Which is why I think the Masters Series events are the best bang for your buck. With a few exceptions (Monte Carlo being one of them), you tend to get the top players there (sometimes they even play doubles), and the price is fairly reasonable. And are downright cheap compared to Wimbledon and even Roland Garros.

And with the Masters events, you can sleep and shower at your hotel, before attending the event each day. Something that I find particularly nice.

Still, Wimbly is Wimbly, and I think it would be nice to experience it, for a day or so. But unlike with many tennis events, we get a fair amount of Wimbly on TV. Which cannot be said of the Masters events.

But I'm going to my first GS event this summer, and I can check this out for myself. I'm looking forward to it. I've been to Roland Garros and Rod Laver arena, but for Davis Cup events. So I'm looking forward to the GS experience.

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