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Here's my bit on Safina (even though I love her)...

She has to get over the mental aspects of her game and really let herself believe that she can and deserves to win a Slam. She has the fighter mentality and the proof of that is how many times she's been down multiple match points and come back to win the match herself.

Forehand confidence...Safina relies way too much on her backhand which is too defensive and she doesn't rip it enough. When she lets loose with the forehand she can hit some great shots but she seems too afraid of it because of the times that she does and the shot goes out.

Backhand's her go to shot but she doesn't get aggressive enough with it.

The Serve...oh lord. This is the biggest problem. It just needs more pace. Her second serve looks like there is absolutely nothing on it and the big players just eat it for lunch.
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