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Default ****the Pure Storm LTD Support Group****

i've been seeing more and more threads concerning this great stick, so i figured, why not? also, while being great sticks in their own right, and bearing the same name, I don't feel that the Pure Storm and the Pure Storm Tour plays anything like the Pure Storm Limited.

I've only one of these so far! I look to get a couple more in the future, maybe in a smaller grip size. here's my current setup--

PSL standard length, 4 3/8 leather grip w/ Yonex Supergrap OG, strung with a full bed of Forten Sweet 16 and 54 lbs.

i'm not crazy about my current string, but i've also tried a 17 gauge BB Alu(m)/NXT Tour(x) hybrid, and a full bed of NXT 16. I liked both of these, but i may tension up to 60-62 lbs. next time. I'm not a rich dude, and i don't have my own stringer, so experimenting with string setups/tensions isn't a very worthwhile at the moment.

I've also found the PSL 18x20 string pattern to be much denser than other 18x20's! I came from the Dunlop M-Fil 200's, and the PSL seems to be less friendly to 16 gauge stringjobs. 15 gauge stringers need not apply! The bed is far too dense for such a thick string. even 16 gauge string can make you feel like you're swinging a paddleboard at the wrong tension.

anyway, these are my findings....and although i almost switched to the Pure Storm Tour, i'm glad that i stuck it out and realized the true qualities this stick has among all of the other 18x20 players sticks. have fun everybody, and please post your setups and/or pictures and experiences! the TT boards were very helpful to me when choosing a new stick, and i'm sure this will do the same for other perspective players.


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