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I'm definitely a fan of the Pure Storm LTD. I've had mine for about two weeks now and I've been experimenting with strings. So far I've used:
1. NXT 16 @ 55 and 60 lbs
2. Prince Syn Gut Duraflex 17 @ 55 lbs

Lower tensions definitely work better for me. At 60 lbs I had a very dead stick in my hands, but at 55 I definitely got a more comfortable feel with increased dwell time, more control and just the right amount of power.

I just got off the court tonight after stringing up with PSGD 17 (55 lbs) and it was heavenly. This was my first experience with 17 guage strings and I'm already thinking of cutting the strings off and going with 50 lb tension or moving to 18 guage. At five bucks a pop, why not?

I agree with the OP about 16 guage strings. The 17 guage really livened up the string bed. The PSGD didn't feel as comfortable as NXT, of course, but with a rubber band dampener I was able to get the comfort back.
Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. (X1 Biphase 18 @ 53lbs)
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