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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
My God!... "Support group"?... sounds like something affiliated with Alcoholics Anoymous or Narcotics Anonymous or some such organization?! ... Anyway... great frame by all accounts... the Babolat Alliance wishes this thread well blackdot!

yes! i named it the "support group" for the reason that I kinda struggled with the frame at first, but I stuck with it, and i'm glad i did. and all of the other cool names for clubs were taken.

I also think the frame deserves it's own thread because the ratio between Wilson[K] 18x20's to Babolat 18x20's is like 40 to 1! Narrow it down to the PSL and it's more like 75 to 1! okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. or is it?

I will admit, though, that the PSL is very picky with strings/tensions. the wrong string combo and you may hate it.

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