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Originally Posted by blackdot_fit View Post
maybe a lead expert can chime in on this--

is it necessary to balance out the weight added to either half of the frame?

for example, if i add 10 grams to 3 & 9 o'clock, should i add the same 10 grams to the handle?

i agree that some may find the PSL a bit lightweighted. i want to toy around with lead setups more, but i hate unwrapping my grip/overgrip over and over again, you know?

Start by adding the weight to 3 and 9 only. The racket is ridiculously head light unless it's weighted up a bit mid hoop. The stock frame felt like bamboo to me. The PSL is a nice frame when customized properly.

BTW...try my string set up below in the PSL. It's very nice in a 18x20 frame. My other main string fav is SPPP 1.18 (a bit softer)
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