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I've been to a number of camps. Some great, some not so much. But, I gotta say, ALL the ones I've been to are geared toward the 3.0 - 4.0 player. They all had group lessons/clinics/drills as the heart of their program, with the occasional private lesson thrown in. Now, you may get lucky and be the only one in camp sometime. That happened to me once - it was great. But, that was the exception. I've been in camps that had 4.5 level players in attendance. A 4.5 isn't going to learn as much as a 3.5 - but they DO seem to get some good out of the camps. If nothing else, just hitting thousands of balls will help you fine-tune your shots.

If you can find the exact camp you're looking for, great. If not and you're willing to "settle", pay attention to the pro/student ratio. About the best you'll find is 1/4. Some are 1/6 or 1/8, so watch out. Also pay attention to the number of hours of instruction per day, and if you get free court time after that. And, if you've got a 4.5 buddy that can go with you, the two of you can drill afterwards.
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