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I had a great practice today and really got to know the qualities of this racquet. Timing is EVERYTHING.

The extremely headlight balance can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It gives me an extra second to prepare once I've run down a shot, and NEVER come around late. It's wicked. You can literally run down any shot with this racquet, start your swing motion when the balls right on top of you, and still make perfect contact.

This can also be your worst enemy. It actually forces you to take that extra time to prepare, or you'll end up early on everything. My swing style is very rapid through all the motions, so it fits this racquet perfectly. I love whipping the racquet all over the place, waggling the head before a shot, and making last minute adjustments. This racquet is perfect for that.

To make reference to my previous post, the POSG 17 @ 52 was terrible. It plays softer than the PSGD 17 but it was too underpowered. Way too much trampoline action going on, without the ball coming out.

I'm through working with lead. The extra plow through I was looking for turns out to just be a timing issue. I was so worried about coming around late that I was still preparing too early; resulting in terrible contact. When my hitting partner turned up the heat, that extra second of preparation time really shines. With a heavier racquet, I'd be forced onto my heels and hitting off my back foot, just to come around in time. Not with the PSL!! Prepare for the shot and dont' worry about coming around late, because it never happens. I was crushing the ball back and the feel was completely solid.

I was actually hoping he would give me some heat to work with because the PSL devours heavy balls. Seriously, stop trying to battle big sticks with a bigger stick. Take this precision 10 blade scapel to them and crank away at the ball. It's a low powered racquet, but if it had anymore power you couldn't play heavy hit balls the same way or they would sail out on you.
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