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Originally Posted by plasma View Post
yes, I remember watching Aaron Krickstein as a kid ballistically jump balls over opponents heads with the Ultra 2 standard!!! standard is unused, I hit with the other one in the rain today I love it so much! Wish I could find a st. vincent mid and the rare Ultra 2 mid with the ugly wide throat piece. Ulta 2 Mid was once top of the line (above the PS 85!). It has much more power than a prostaff with less trampoline. I found the St. Vincent PS amazing but felt tension and shock in my arm and body after playing. No such experience with the Ultra 2 mid as they are much stronger and absorb shock and dampen vibration much better... also better feel, control and dwell time in my opinoin ( I have played bumperless and bumpered sv at all tensions known to mankind, chinas, taiwans, everything but the Chicago) ps 85's the U2 mids can be used effectively in a modern game...unlike the ps 85 they can also hammer a nail into a wall!
the ultra II what a fantastic frame !!!! David Pate used it also.
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