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Originally Posted by tennisxlsdk View Post
hey rxblitzrx, regarding your above post about timing, are you playing with the stock PSL or still have lead on the racquet and if so where? thanks.
No lead.

I've tried it at 10,2 to open the sweetspot. It works, but even 4 grams was too much for my arm. Some people might say it's psychological, but I took it off half way through my practice and immediately felt a difference. I love to waggle the head of the racquet (like a baseball bat) and I just can't do it with a heavy racquet.

I tried it at 6 o'clock with an equal amount of lead right above the handle to improve plow through. That didn't seem to make any difference except make the racquet heavier. I took it off and everything felt right again.

This racquet is definitely string-sensitive. I started with 16 guage and found a much better response with 17. I really like it at 55 lbs. Last night I tested 52 lbs and it felt too mushy. It was soft, but I just didn't have that precise feedback on placement. This might be because of the type of string I was using. I might try X1-Biphase 17 at 52 lbs, but that sounds like an expensive experiment right now. I can handle $5 sets of syn gut and only using it for a day, but a $15 set of multifilament feels like a waste.
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