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Originally Posted by rxblitzrx View Post

I'm through working with lead. The extra plow through I was looking for turns out to just be a timing issue. I was so worried about coming around late that I was still preparing too early; resulting in terrible contact. When my hitting partner turned up the heat, that extra second of preparation time really shines. With a heavier racquet, I'd be forced onto my heels and hitting off my back foot, just to come around in time. Not with the PSL!! Prepare for the shot and dont' worry about coming around late, because it never happens. I was crushing the ball back and the feel was completely solid.
One suggestion on lead. I used to use the Storm tour and now use the Prestige Pro which has a similar stock SW to the PSL in the 307 range.

I use full poly on mine and that bumps the SW on the Pro up to around 321 and then I placed 2g under lead under the grommets. It's just enough to add a little bit of extra hurt to my groundies but it really helped my timing on the BH side. The SW on my storm tour was 333 and dropping down to the lighter SW on the Pro made it almost difficult to get my 2hbh timing right. That little 2g placed at the top of the hoop made everything perfect.

I'm enjoying this thread even though I have no plans to use the PSL-good work
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