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One suggestion on lead. I used to use the Storm tour and now use the Prestige Pro which has a similar stock SW to the PSL in the 307 range.

I use full poly on mine and that bumps the SW on the Pro up to around 321 and then I placed 2g under lead under the grommets. It's just enough to add a little bit of extra hurt to my groundies but it really helped my timing on the BH side. The SW on my storm tour was 333 and dropping down to the lighter SW on the Pro made it almost difficult to get my 2hbh timing right. That little 2g placed at the top of the hoop made everything perfect.

I'm enjoying this thread even though I have no plans to use the PSL-good work
That Prestige Pro sounds HIGHLY attractive. If it has more power than the PSL, then I might consider a serious demo.

I just put hybrid Pro Huricane/X1-Biphase on my PSL and it's heavy!! I didn't realize poly would make such a difference up top. I'll give it a weeks worth to prove itself, but I'm really a fan of high maneuverability. That's just tailoring to my laziness, late reaction times, and spazzy swingmotions that occur all at once. I'm not the kind of player to turn the racquet, the second I see it coming FH or BH, run to the ball, and swing. I see ball, I run to ball, I plant my feet, THEN I start my swing-motion and with a heavy racquet I usually come around late.

I noticed my 2HBH was also ending up in the net and it felt very awkward to swing the PSL on that side. I never made solid contact until last night (i've had the racquet about 3 weeks). I figured out that it's a serious timing issue. I was hitting the ball way too far in front of me. Two hands makes me come around even faster. Another issue was that I needed to choke up so that my bottom hand sits above the hump in the grip, and not hanging off the bottom of the grip (for my FH). That did it for me and now I pray that the ball always come to my BH. I love waggling the racquet like a baseball bat in anticipation as the ball is coming. The ball knows it's going to get pounded because I can see fuzz standing on end from nervousness.

The only trouble I have now is switching from forehand to backhand grips, but that will just take a little practice. Since I know how much time the PSL gives me to prepare, this adjustment shouldn't be hard at all.
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