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so i've been toying around with lead, and i'm 95% sure that i've found my ideal setup.

i've found that my game/lower tensions do not fit. i took some advice that i heard from some other threads to drop my tension a bit to gain some control with the dense string pattern. i cut that stringjob out and re-strung w/ a full bed of Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 at 63 lbs. This, along with a 1/2 oz (approx 14 grams) of lead in the handle, and 4-5 grams at 3 and 9, and wow! so much more pop, and some really good plowthrough and feel, as compared to the stick in stock form.

i agree that the PSL in stock form, the 2hbh felt a bit awkward. adding more weight should solve that problem for sure.

so with that being said, i can't recommend this stick to anyone unless they plan on customizing. If you want to keep the racquet, you've gotta find your ideal setup. it's just plain "too light" of a frame, with a very, very dense 18x20 pattern.

oh yeah, i got some demoed more sticks form TW, one of them was the 4d 300 tour. not a bad frame.....
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