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Default D-1 tennis recruit

I am the number one player for a 4-a school in south Alabama.(I am a junior) I have only played tennis for 2 and a half years (at any level) I do not have a pro, and I have only played in one usta tournament, my only training is playing competitive matches with my cousin, who has played tennis for a few more years than me, but with very good players (friends at a tennis/soccer camp he taught soccer at). Anyway I recently played a proset with a 4 star University of Alabama commit in one of my high school matches. Although he beat me 8-1, I threw away at least 3 games. I feel that he was a much better player than me, but I was expecting much more from a d-1 commit. I had hopes of playing d-3 tennis at the university of chicago, but after playing this guy I feel that division 1 tennis just isn't played on as high a level as I though. Is this a fair assumption or do you think that this kid was maybe just a fluke of a recruit.
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