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I may have already posted my string experiments but I'll put it down again:

1. Prince Syn Gut Duraflex 17 @ 55. This tension seems to work the best for me.

2. Prince Original Syn Gut 17 @ 52. Plays softer than PSGD, as lots of people claim, but at 52 lbs it was too mushy. The mains moved around (a lot) after only 1 hour. I cut the string job after one day.

3. NXT 16 @ 55. I could slam groundies all day with this string, but I did notice a difference with 17 guage. I'm thinking NXT 17 or X1-Biphase 17 would be perfect.

4. Pro Hurricane/X1-Biphase 17 @ 55/55. My current setup. I'm taking this one out to the court tomorrow and will edit this post after I've had a chance to try it. If this doesn't work for the next week, I'll be going full Biphase at 55 FTW.

* I just got back from playing two sets with Setup 4. I may have strung too tight, but it's got a nice solid feel; almost too solid. I can't tell if that's just the poly mains or the tension being too high, but I'm not getting enough trampoline action. I was crushing serves though! I might come back to this setup, but I'm dying to see what a full bed of X1 Biphase will feel like (especially after PED's post right below this one).
Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. (X1 Biphase 18 @ 53lbs)

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