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You are trying to volley really slowly hit balls. For that, you have to step in more, stroke towards the target, get more sideways. Don't just chop at the ball, that stroke is for fast moving balls by players with good timing.
Biggest problem is forehand. You seem to want to get rid of the ball ASAP, when you should caress it towards your target with underspin, but not chopping slice.
Same with your backhand volley, but that stroke is more OK, as it's longer and smoother.
But arcing slow balls, always move your body towards your target. When you play, you'll hardle get anything like that, unless you play 2.5 levels. Fast moving balls, you shorten up the stroke, stay forwards, but be FIRM and try to caress the volley as long a time as you possibly can. Don't "BOUNCE" the ball off your racket like your afraid of guiding it.
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