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Originally Posted by plasma View Post
what other later frames did Rosewall use?
he actually used the 1st generation ultra so did Pancho Gonzales. before the ultra he used a slazenger frame like the blue & white one Virginia has, but with black & white photographs of rosewall & margaret court on bthe sides of the shaft. has to be the nicest looking wood racket I ever saw. the pro where I lived in reno,nv used it also. it was made in australia. rosewall used the ultra standard then the ultra II for a very long time. rosewall also used a seamco racket which I heard played very well, but looked cheap kinda like the wislon world class he used for a while. I hade to get an ultra II when I saw him play Anderson. how clean he hit the ball like the sweetspot was the size of an ocean ; just a greasy small black "dot" in the center of the stringbed.
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